Blog every day in July, #9: Most embarrassing story



Embarrassing stories. I don’t have any really epic ones, like trailing toilet paper through an airport or CCing all my bosses on a sensitive email, or anything similar that would just make you want to die.


But one thing I am really good at is embarrassing myself by being clumsy. I can be standing perfectly still and trip. Yeah, I don’t know how I do it either.

When I was sixteen and working at a fast-food joint they made a really big deal about not slipping on wet/greasy floors. So what do I do on my first night as a closer? Run around a corner and slip and slide through the kitchen.

Once I was walking down the street with a guy I liked and tripped over my own two feet, tripping him in the process. Ugh.

What sort of embarrassing stories do you have to dish?



  • Katrin

    Haha we definitely have that in common. :) One time I got gas and I was in a hurry so I ran inside to pay and the floor was wet and I fell. In front of lots of people.
    Also one time I did an internship and on my first day I was searching for a parking spot and some rude guy said something stupid to me and I called him idiot….later I found out I had to work with that guy.

  • lissa

    there is one time when this guy fell on the sidewalk. we were both walking and all of sudden, he leansed forward and I moved away. if I didn’t, he would have fallen on me. I’m a small person so I could not possibility catch a grown man if he fell. but I do feel bad about that and a little embarrassed. does moving aside make me a bad person or a practical one? I’m still debating on that one.

    anyway, have a wonderful day.

  • Frannie Pantz

    Oh gosh I embarrass myself on the reg for sure. Usually, like you said, it is something of a clumsy nature. Lately, however, it has been fun to be in a room full of strangers and Reilly farts and I have to explain to the people staring at me that it was, in fact, my baby and not me that farted.

  • Rachel G

    I’ve had a couple of awkward falls….one time, before we were together, I picked up my book bag at college in front of Angel and it wasn’t zipped so everything fell out all over the floor…and he helped me pick it up. Somehow that sounds like a cliche from a rom-com movie–haha! But I felt pretty embarrassed at the time!

  • Pang

    I remember back when I was in high school. During class, they put on a video and dimmed the light so I fell asleep through most of it and for some unknown reason I abruptly woke up from my nap and nearly fell off my desk. Everyone laughed. I’m sure it was funny as hell but I was pretty embarrassed, lol.

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