Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: new blog and roller coaster fear

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1. What do you guys think of the new blog? It turned out to be pretty easy to migrate and set up. Thank you again Celeste for your help!

2. Does anyone know how to widen a WordPress template? I like this one well enough but I’d like it better if it filled up my computer screen a bit more.

3. Is worrying about armpit softness like, a thing I need to do now? I saw an ad in a magazine and it’s cracking me up/freaking me out.

4. We actually have sunshine and 100% blue skies for the first time in weeks. And we’ll probably spend it all sitting inside. Typical us.

5. I forgot to post this, but I got bright pink Chuck Taylors for my birthday! Thank you mom!

6. As per the usual, I’ll be doing nothing for the Fourth except working. Bleh.

7. I love seeing Mila Kunis on magazine covers–there’s always a great makeup look to copy, it seems! Elle has a great tutorial on how to get her cover look from the July copy of Marie Claire.

8. People I could do with not seeing on covers, like ever: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and any of the Kardashians.

9. I found the most delicious-looking recipe for sweet potato quinoa burgers here.

10. I feel for Kevin. I would just die if someone dragged me on a roller coaster.


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