Thought Questions, field of grass
Thought Questions

Thought Questions, #127-#133

Thought Questions, field of grass

(photo by Lucas Lof via Unsplash)

#127: What do you owe yourself? More time to relax. I have a tendency to equate relaxing with laziness.

#128: What would your ‘priceless’ Mastercard-style commercial be? Case of cat food to lure cat into open: $10. Cupcakes for friend after borrowing her cat trap: $5. New work shirt after old one is puked on by sick cat: $15. Vet visit, immunizations, deworming, a bath, and more cat food: $150. Rescuing an abandoned cat and giving it a new home: priceless. Both of my cats are rescues (that’s Max snoozing up top and Jiao, bottom, just a few days after we got her).

Max and Jiao on cat tree

#129: Can you think of a time when impossible became possible? I think most things seem impossible until they’re done–flight, the computer age, a cure for polio, etc.

#130: Why do you matter? Because I’m the only person who can be me.

#131: How have you changed in the last five years? I’d like to think I’m more confident in who I am now then I was at 20. I’m also definitely smarter about life (money, health, relationships, etc.) and I devote more time to learning, rather than simply being entertained. I’d also like to think that I’m a kinder, more peaceful person now.

#132: What are you sure of in your life? That we all have a responsibility to pitch in and speak up whenever possible. Whether it’s just being kind to a stranger, starting an anti-littering campaign in your community, or joining a global mission (like the fight to end human trafficking), we all have something we can do, however small, to make the world a better place. Don’t turn away because you think you can’t do “enough”.


#133: When you think of ‘home,’ what, specifically, do you think of? My family. I don’t really think a place can be a home unless there is someone there who loves you.


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