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Thought Questions, #134-#140

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#134: What’s the difference between settling for things and accepting the way things are? Your mindset. A defeatist mindset says “It’s too hard”. It sees only the negative and therefore it sees a bad situation as something that must grudgingly be settled into, because it is inevitable. A positive mindset can accept something difficult but still see the positive side and possibly a way to change the situation for the better.

#135: How many of your friends would you trust with your life? Well, I don’t have a lot of friends to begin with…I would trust my husband with my life, obvs. He’s my best friend. Other than that I probably have just a couple of very close friends and I would trust them too. I tend to have a small pack of friends instead of an army.

#136: What’s your definition of heaven? Sleeping as late as I want with no alarm clock! A rare luxury these days!

#137: What is your most prized possession? I hate to say this, but probably the computer. I wouldn’t know what to do without endless e-books, Spotify, Pinterest, etc.

#138: How would you describe yourself in one sentence? A quirky, bookish girl who loves animals and is always asking questions.

#139: What stands between you and happiness? Myself, typically. I’m having a deja vu moment of thinking I answered this question earlier, but maybe I didn’t. Anyway, I often stand in the way of my own happiness, either by being ungrateful for what I have or through self-doubt and negative self-talk. I’m working to change that.

#140: What makes a person beautiful? How they treat others. Kind actions are beautiful.

(My friend Celeste is also answering these questions each week, please go check out her wonderful blog here!)


  • Pang

    #134. Well said! I agree 100%
    #135. I love my friends and I think they are wonderful but I wouldn’t put my life in their hands. That is what family is for.
    #136. Hopefully, a place I’ll go to when I die.
    #137. My car, even though it’s old, lol. It’s still my life line.
    #138. I’m a logical, honest, easy to get along, and drama-free woman who loves to keep things sweet and simple.
    #139. I think that question was ask before too.
    #140. 100% agree.

    • writergirlm

      I really couldn’t live without a car either. I know public transportation is supposed to be green and good, but I’m a little selfish :)

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