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Thought Questions, #141-#147

Unsplash Alicja Colon

(photo by Alicja Colon via Unsplash)

Time for another week of Thought Questions! Be sure to check out my friend Celeste’s blog too as she is also answering these questions each week.

#141: Is there ever a time when giving up makes sense? Yes, when the thing you’re doing is causing real and irrevocable harm to your life.

#142: What makes you proud? Type “faith in humanity restored” into the search bar on Pinterest. I know a lot of cynics say things like “Oh, I bet that photo was staged”, but I think more of these are legit than we realize. It makes me proud to see people standing up and doing the right thing for others.

#143: How do you find the strength to do what you know in your heart is right? I honestly don’t know how to answer that. I guess it requires a lot of willpower and bravery. And practice, if that makes sense. Being bold doesn’t happen overnight.

#144: Where do you find peace? In the woods.

#145: When have you worked hard and loved every minute of it? Probably when I got my promotion last fall. There have been a lot of rough spots since then and this spring drove me pretty well over the edge, but things are looking up now. I enjoy challenges and learning new things, so the change in pace was great–I was getting really bored with my old job!

#146: How short would your life have to be before you would start living differently today? I suppose really, it would have to be pretty short, wouldn’t it? Humans are slow to change. But I have made a lot of unprompted changes this year, so I guess I could say that it doesn’t matter–if something needs to be changed, I will change it.

#147: Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all? Better to have loved and have those good memories. I always think of Aragorn and Arwen when she says she’d rather have a few years with him as a mortal than an immortal elven life alone. (Yes, that was totally nerdy of me. #sorrynotsorry)


  • Celeste

    I do have my faith in humanity restored a lot, so not sure about the pintrest pictures but I can say for sure there are a lot of brave and noble people in the world.

    • writergirlm

      It’s always good to have the reminders. Sometimes I get a little down about the state of the world and how people treat each other, so those reminders make me feel a lot more positive!

  • Pang

    141. I hate giving up on the things that I want but sometimes, there’s just no other way about it.

    142. Agreed! Kindness is definitely something to be proud of.

    143. I find it would be harder for me not to do the right thing. My conscience would never be at peace if I knowingly did something wrong and I like to have a clear conscience over my head.

    144. Wherever I don’t have to think about responsibilities and things that need to get done.

    145. Can’t really say that I love working hard. But I love it when hard work pays off.

    146. I’d have to be very unhappy or unhealthy in order for me to want to change the way I live today.

    147. I think you’d have to be very selfish or ignorant to not want to experience love. It’s better to be able to feel something rather than nothing at all.

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