Music Monday: Don’t Say Goodbye


When I was younger I thought I’d spend my twenties on the road, traveling and just exploring life. I traded all that in pretty early for a steady job, a husband and other responsibilities that don’t really mesh with a gypsy lifestyle.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wonder what might have been; I have a restless spirit. I think of this song every autumn, probably because autumn automatically ignites my wanderlust and I start dreaming of packing the trunk of the car and going on a road trip with no real destination in mind. I can almost feel a change in the air. It’s like there’s something pulling on my soul.

Especially when things in life aren’t going quite as I’d hoped and I’m facing another long winter, it’s easy to want to get away. But every year I’m reminded that there’s something to be said for sticking around, even when the going gets tough. And things do get better.


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