Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Concerts, bank drama and diets


1. Saturday night’s concert was legitimately one of the best I’ve ever seen, live or taped. Thirty Seconds to Mars put on an AMAZING show–Jared Leto isn’t just a pretty face, he’s also a kickass showman. And Linkin Park was pretty awesome–Mike Shinoda is incredibly talented (he was rapping, playing guitar and hitting the keyboards, often all at the same time) and the band did a great job of blending rock, rap and electronic music all into one seamless two-hour set. Being in the pit in front of the stage was amazing. If you’re curious what the venue looks like, you can search “Gorge Amphitheatre” and get some photos that will give you an idea of the sheer size of the place. It holds almost 28,000 people!

Linkin Park tickets

2. I do kind of wonder why so many people purchase pit tickets just to stand there and take photos and videos on their smartphones. No dancing, no singing, no fun? And you know the videos aren’t going to be that great.

3. After all that, I’m worn out. We were up at 5 AM getting busy with all of our other weekend tasks (work, homework, etc.) and then had to make the drive to the venue. We were standing there from 3:30 PM on waiting for the show, and after it was all over we had to drive back home–we didn’t get home until 3 AM! Totally fun, but I’m glad we don’t do things like that more often.

4. The not-so-fun part of my weekend: finding out my debit card info was stolen and someone pulled $400 out of my bank account. Grrrrrr. Now I have to go through the fraud process to see if I can get the money back. There have been a lot of attacks on local businesses lately so it’s hard to even know how the number was stolen. I’m so careful with my card too, so it freaks me out a little. At least my bank has an awesome fraud department to handle these things.

5. We’re supposed to have warm weather with temps in the eighties for the next few days. Yay for an Indian summer!

6. I may just be converting my meat-eating friends to the wonders of a good vegan chili…nom nom nom. Will have to post a recipe soon.

7. On day two of the cleanse diet and I feel pretty good even without any coffee. I haven’t had much of an appetite lately which helps. I’m sure I’ll be craving bread and sweets soon though.

8. One month until a proper visit with the family.

9. I finally got a hold of the eighth Outlander book from Diana Gabaldon (Written in My Own Heart’s Blood) and it’s just as good as I expected. I’m halfway through it but I have to knock out 400 more pages before it’s due back at the library on Saturday. Wish me luck!

10. Go link up with Alyssa here!


  • Katrin

    1.Wow, that sounds fantastic! I am glad you had such a great time! I would love to see 30 Seconds to Mars!
    2. Agreed!
    3. I can imagine that you needed to relax after that! Sounds very exhausting!
    4. Oh no! That is such a pain in the a..! I hope you will get your money back! It happened to be dad too and he also is very careful. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    5. Sounds great! Enjoy it!
    6. I am sure your vegan chili tastes heavenly!
    7. Keep us updated and good luck! I thought about doing one too so I would love to read more about it! I mean, what exactly can you drink/eat?
    8. Yay!
    9. Good luck! :) Reading rocks!
    10. Done!

    • writergirlm

      1. You would have loved it! It was amazing!

      7. You eat a lot of lean protein and vegetables, and very limited complex carbs (like sweet potatoes or quinoa). No red meat, dairy, white flour or sugar, coffee, alcohol, processed or sugary foods. And you drink lots of water. I’ll probably post a sample meal plan later this week. It’s actually turning out to be fairly easy, and I have more energy already!

  • Lora

    Getting your bank info stolen is the worst! It happened to me a couple weeks ago right before I went to Chicago too.

    Also, I am very interested in this vegan chili. I could never BE vegan, but I am always looking for great food!

  • Alyssa

    1. Sounds awesome! I’ve always like Linkin Park.
    4. UGH! That SUCKS! And it’s so infuriating! I’m glad your bank is being good about it and I hope you get every penny back!

  • Erin

    1. Aww, you know I have never been to a big show like that…they are crazy expensive here :(
    4. Sorry about that, it’s just so easy these day to gets hacked because the companies we trust are not protecting our information. You might be careful, but if eBay/Amazon/Target isn’t they you are at risk. This is actually why I have massively reduced my online purchases and why bitcoin is so interesting. Hope you get the money back!
    5. It’s indian summer here, I am so annoyed, I want my boots and jumpers!!
    6. Yay!

  • Rachel G

    I honestly can’t understand why anyone takes photos and pictures at a concert, either. I mean, maybe I’d take a selfie in the venue before the show started–but during the show the lights are down and the quality of any photo or video is going to suck, why bother??
    Really sorry to hear about your drama with theft of your card info, that’s not fun at all!

    • writergirlm

      Jerry Seinfeld had a joke about it, that you miss out on the concert and your video isn’t that great anyway, so you’ve basically negated the whole experience. I guess he knew what he was talking about!

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