Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Labor Day and the Bobcats


1. The only thing I did with Labor Day this year was celebrate a little extra holiday pay on my next paycheck. Also, naps and movies. That was it. The husband and I were just too pooped to go out swimming or picnicking or do any of the other “Labor Day”-ish things cool people do. Oh, well.

2. I’m so excited for my mini-vacation next week. Work has been crazy and I really need the extra nights off.

3. You really must read all of The Oatmeal’s comics about The Bobcats. Hilarious.

4. I’m so thrilled for autumn…autumn clothes, and makeup and nails, and food, and lots of books and tea and candles and…

5. And speaking of candles, I cannot wait to hit Bath and Body Works for some pumpkin candles. The best.

6. Also, not gonna lie–as nice as the summer warmth is, I’m thrilled to be able to sit on the sofa with the cats and not wind up stuck to them and to the upholstery because it’s so hot out.

7. Pretty sure they should have just used his video for the game trailer. Devin rocks.


8. Next round of tattoos comes up next month…

9. It’s funny how as an adult I get so excited about naps, when I refused to take them in kindergarten.

10. It’s a good thing I caved and got glasses this year, because I’m realizing that I’m rather blind without them.


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