Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Demetri Martin and book packages


1. It’s officially the season of Pumpkin Spice Everything and I could not be happier.

2. With that in mind, here are thirty vegan pumpkin recipes to experiment with over the next couple of months!

3. It’s also officially the season of the electric blanket. Ahhh…

4. Apparently I’m going on a surprise date today at noon? But I have no idea what’s been planned!! Hmm…can’t wait. :)

5. This cracks me up. I hate automatic operations in public restrooms so I think Demetri’s observations are spot-on.


6. If you like that, here’s a longer-stand-up set. (It includes the above clip.)

7. I love used book sales and hate waiting for the packages to arrive. My husband calls it “stalking the mailman”. I call it “observantly monitoring the mailbox”.

8. I successfully badgered the husband into reading Gone Girl. Now I have to talk the rest of my friends into reading it. Hehe.

9. Only one more week until vacation. Counting down.

10. Link up with Alyssa here!


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