Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: new bookshelves and seasonal goodies


1. I finally had to give up on the trilogy I was reading this week because it was just dragging so badly, and also, the protagonist was really annoying. I hate to DNF a book but it’s always so good to move on to something better!

2. It’s been really rainy here all week, but that’s okay, because it’s a good excuse to snuggle under a blanket with the cats and read and drink tea.

3. I have a whole “bookshelf” now just for books from the library. It’s actually a driftwood bench that my mom made for me several years ago.

Bookshelf made from a bench

If you move the books you can see wood burnings of horses on the back of the seat. How cool is that?

Bookshelf made from a bench

4. I have a giveaway that I’ll be posting soon on the blog. And I’m already thinking about holiday giveaways.

5. I found a vegan pumpkin drink (for lattes) and chocolate peppermint drink at the store today. Yay for seasonal goodies!

6.  I get so impatient waiting for things to come in the mail. I have a new book on the way and I keep counting the days on the calendar until it will get here.

7. I think we need to have some apple pie today. Because it’s cold and autumn, of course.

8. They decided that we can dress up at work on Halloween nights, but OF COURSE I won’t be there that night. So typical.

9. Only a few more days until the Black Keys concert…so excited.

10. I got a pair of over-the-knee cognac-colored boots on vacation that I just love. I need to take outfit pics with them soon!



  • Alyssa

    1. Ok. What is DNF stand for? I hate to quit reading a book too. But sometimes they just don’t hold interest!
    3. Cute! LOVE that hourglass.
    7. Oh yum.
    8. I know! I won’t be at work on Friday either. Bummer.

    • writergirlm

      1. “Did not finish” I hate to do it but you’re right, sometimes they just don’t hold you!
      3. Thanks!
      7. I know right?
      8. Sucky! Maybe next year…

  • Chelsea W

    That bench is really unique! I used to wood burn every now and then, but I eventually realized it just wasn’t the hobby for me. That’s awesome that you have the horses on the bench though. (Also, I can’t believe you have a shelf just for library books! You must go through books like crazy.)

  • Erinn

    1. What was the series (I don’t know what DNF means either).
    2. I love rain.
    3. I so wish I had a library nearby…
    4. I’ll look out for it!
    5. Haha, I do enjoy the variety of hot drinks in fall.
    6. Same, I am waiting for my new boots..
    7. Mmmm, that sounds great!
    8. Oh, you can still dress up!
    9. Nice!
    10. Can’t wait to see pix!

    • writergirlm

      1. The Chemical Garden trilogy–it was described to me as a YA spin on ‘The Handmaiden’s Tale’, but nope. Did not finish.
      6. Those are the boots you linked to on your blog right?
      8. I have to get some candy too for the porch! Even though we only get a few trick-or-treaters. They’re all little neighborhood kids, so cute.

  • Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    Oh those boots sound GORGEOUS. And I love this tag/linkup/whatever-the-correct-name-for-it-is. OMG THOUGH THOSE HORSES! I have nearly got the top of my bookshelf lined with books and I’ll probably have to send some back to the library because due dates are coming and I’m about to start writing for NaNo which means not so much reading time. Gaaaah! I thought I would’ve read more, but I’ve been stuck in 500+ pages of Cassandra Clare books. XD

  • Katrin

    1. I hate giving up on books too but sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense. What were you reading?
    2. I absolutely agree!
    3. That bench/bookshelf is the best! So cool!
    4. Cannot believe it will be November soon!
    5. Oh yay! That’s great! How was it?
    6. I know that feeling!
    7. Apple pie is always a good idea! Hope you enjoyed!
    8. Oh no! Will you still dress up?
    9. Have fun!
    10. Cannot wait to see pictures!

    • writergirlm

      1. Chemical Garden trilogy–sucked! :( I had middling hopes for it too.
      4. Time is flying by!
      5. They’re pretty good! I love peppermint hot chocolate.
      8. Probably not–maybe next year though! I do have to get some candy for the trick or treaters though.

  • Ms. Attitude

    1. I don’t like not finishing either, but sometimes, you just have to.

    3. Awesome! that is so cool

    5. Yay!

    6. I do too. I’m constantly checking the tracking number.

    7. One of my favorites!

    10. they sound pretty!

  • Rachel G

    Thanks for explaining DNF to the other commenter. I kept thinking “Do Not Resuscitate” which kind of applies except that would be DNR. :P That apple pie sounds delicious!

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