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Thought Questions, #183-#189


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(photo by Dustin Scarpitti via Unsplash)

#183: What do you see when you look into the future? Sadly, I see things getting a lot worse for the world if more people don’t start working for change–in the environment, in politics, etc. If you just sit back and let things go, they won’t stay neutral–they’ll slide downhill. Even small changes in your personal sphere can add up and make a difference, so don’t ever think that you can’t do enough because you’re “just one person”.

#184: What makes you angry?  Why? People who neglect or abuse animals. Like these assholes. I would never give one my kitties away for cash! They’re part of the family!

#185: What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents? To budget carefully and never overstep your means. I know a lot of other twenty-somethings who are in trouble financially because they racked up credit card debt, or bought a too-expensive car because they were able to stretch to make the payments at the time and now with a cut in hours or wages they can’t make those payments. My Dad also really hammered into us the importance of “saving for a rainy day”, which has saved my butt countless times.

#186: What does love feel like? A blanket. Which sounds weird at first, but if you think about it, love makes you feel warm and safe and a bit soft, so I think it fits.

#187: What are your favorite simple pleasures? I’m sure you couldn’t possibly guess this, but…books and tea. Yep. Shocking, I know.

#188: If you could go back in time and tell a younger version of yourself one thing, what would you tell? To say “no” more. For years I struggled with being a people pleaser and as a result, I was often unhappy. Saying “no”–to a commitment you’d rather not make, a project you’d rather not take on, etc.–lets you take charge of your itinerary instead of being tossed around based on what other people want.

#189: What do you do to deliberately impress others? Hmm…I don’t like showing off, so I don’t know.



  • Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    You are extremely wise. ;-) What?! I’m just sayin’! You are! I love your answer to #188. Too true. I’m a recovering people pleaser. I felt so guilty every time I’d say no, and I still am yesyesyes to anything my family asks me to do. Which isn’t bad! Don’t get me wrong! But knowing when to say NO is very important.

    • writergirlm

      You’re way too sweet! But thank you! It took me a long time to get over the guilt of saying “no” and feeling selfish–but sometimes it’s so essential to being happy and not overworked or stressed. :)

  • Katrin

    Glad you agree on that asshole family. God, I really hate them. And you are so right. There are too many people who just ignore the problems. Even some little changes can help!

    • writergirlm

      It makes me so sad for that poor kitty! I don’t understand how people can just abandon animals! They have feelings too and they experience sadness, confusion and grief when they are suddenly dumped by the people they’ve bonded with for so many years. I’ve read so many stories of animals who are dumped off by people becoming so depressed that they won’t eat and they just sit and cry and eventually they die or are put down because they are so unhealthy. God, it makes me all sniffly and sad just thinking about it. :(

      And I guess it makes me EXTRA mad because Max was a left-behind when his owners moved, and he was so sad and skittish when I found him, and yet he’s such a love bug! He even purrs when you’re doing something he dislikes, like giving him a shot or putting on his flea meds, because he’s so happy just to be held and touched. Imagine! And someone left him on the street because they couldn’t be arsed to take him along to their new house! (Though I think he’s better off with me now anyway…but still…)


      I should probably calm down now. :P But it really does get me steaming. Sometimes I think people should have to sign a permit to get an animal, and they should be inspected yearly and massively fined if they don’t take care of it or if they dump it. We punish people who neglect or dump children, why not punish people who do it to animals?

  • Katrin

    I absolutely agree. I mean, some people should really not be allowed to have pets. I have read so many horror stories about people dumping their pets, not caring for them anymore etc. So many horrible things happen and I just don’t get it. I mean, why do these people have pets? You do not just stop loving them. And if you cannot take care of them anymore for whatever reason then you should do everything to at least find them a new home. No animal deserves anything like this. It makes me angry and sad to read all the stories about neglected animals. Some people really really suck. So much.
    I did not know this happened to Max. I am so sorry. But you are right, he is clearly better off with you. I am sure that is the best thing that ever happened to him! :)

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