Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: cold weather, tablets and Christmas decorating


1. It’s finally cold here–down in the teens–but no snow yet, thank goodness. And at least it’s nice and sunny.

2. The cats are not thrilled about the cold. This little lady in particular is feeling extra-snuggly now.

Jiao Nov14

3. Even though it’s cold I’m still eating ice cream. I’m just sitting under a heated blanket to stay warm.

4. I need to go shopping so we can have Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I’m just feeling too lazy.

5. One of my friends have me a new tablet as an early Christmas present and I’m pretty sure it’s the Best. Thing. Ever. Now I have Kindle books and Instagram and everything else I was missing. I’m pretty sure I don’t even need a laptop now.

6. I’m feeling a need for gradient glitter nails…

7. I really wish we could replace our tub/shower, but we rent so we can’t. It’s just old and it doesn’t look so hot (like, to the point that I feel a little embarrassed when we have company). I know, #firstworldproblems, but it irritates me. Renting has a lot of perks, but not being able to DIY and fix things whenever you want gets old.

8. How early do you decorate for Christmas? We’re definitely waiting until after Thanksgiving. I know some people start super-early but I would get sick of having all that stuff in my way!

9. I just got a serious whomping head/chest cold for the first time in years. (Quite literally, two or three years.) And it sucked. And now I’m doubling down on vitamins and healthy food!

10. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a copy of The Hunger Games trilogy–it’s open worldwide!



  • Alyssa

    I’m LOVING this cold weather and the snuggly cats it makes!
    I’m itching to decorate for Christmas now but I think I’ll make myself wait at least until next week. Maybe even weekend after Thanksgiving..

  • Katrin

    1. Okay that answers the snow question from my email. :)
    2. Aww, so cute! Love cuddling with the kitties and bunnies!
    3. I do the same. Ice cream is great all year round.
    4. Hope you can find some good stuff!
    5. I am so happy to have you on Instagram now! What a sweet friend!
    6. It’s so annoying to remove glitter nail polish, isn’t it? :)
    7. I know that feeling!
    8. It’s pretty interesting to me that Americans set up their Christmas trees so early. When I was a kid we always decorated it Dec 24!
    9. Oh no! Feel better soon! I did not have a cold in years and I hope it will stay that way.
    10. You really are such a sweetheart!

    • writergirlm

      We never decorated the tree early when I was a kid either–we always waited until mid-December! But I know people that start decorating before Halloween! It’s crazy!

  • Erinn

    1. The news would have is believe that the US is basically one big ice bucket right now :)
    2. Yay cuddles :)
    3. I don’t think I could manage ice cream, but for some reason I have having a lot of salad this winter.
    4. Well you are sick right?
    5. Yay Instagram!
    6. Go for it.
    7. The other good thing about renting is you can find somewhere better and move, renters market!
    8. Oh..I don’t decorate at all. Christmas is to minimalist what Texas BBQ is to vegan.
    9. Feel better!!
    10. Good luck to those who enter!

    • writergirlm

      4. I guess that is a good excuse! :P
      9. That’s true! I used to do more. Now I like a simple tree. I can’t stand clutter!

  • Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    I so love ice cream. I would eat ice cream no matter the weather. IT IS LIFE. We just had our Australian version of thanksgiving. (We have half-American relatives. ;) And I knooow it’s too early, but heh, people were going away so we just out and had it. I feel I’ve connected to my invisible-American roots now, for sure. ;-)

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