Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: forgotten photos, new phones, and Words With Friends


1. I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner meal. How lame is that?

2. I also forgot to post for the first day of an Instagram photo challenge yesterday. Good. Grief. I’m blaming the headache that wouldn’t go away for my forgetfulness. To be fair it was selfie day, and I hate taking selfies. At least I posted today, for “something red” (my coffee mug).

3. I’M GETTING A NEW PHONE TODAY AND I’M SO EXCITED. I know, that’s kind of lame that a new phone is the highlight of my week, but allow me to explain. I’ve been using my little flip phone for six years now–no need to fix what ain’t broken, right?–but as it’s finally wearing out, and I found a new phone on sale, I finally made the switch. My friends are teasing me about finally joining the 21st century but I don’t care. My little phone served me well all those years. (Though I admit I’m thrilled to finally have Instagram on my phone!)

4. I got a new rug for our bedroom this weekend to hide our old blue carpet. (The ups and downs of renting–I know, I know, #firstworldproblems.) It’s so cute and makes the whole room feel brighter. Love it.

5. I started playing Words With Friends and now I’m hooked. Look me up if you want a match!

6. One upside to feeling crummy: I’ve read a lot this weekend. Like, a ton.

7. I did get most of my Christmas decorations up this weekend. We’re putting up the tree today.

8. There’s a new bookstore in town! But I can’t remember the name of it…The Literary Moose, maybe? Will have to investigate further.

9. Coconut Bliss ice cream is the best.

Coconut Bliss iceam cream

10. I’ve got one of my friends hooked on one of my favorite books ever, The Shadow of the Wind. He actually likes it so much, he took it home from work to read instead of playing his PS4.


  • Katrin

    1. Don’t worry, things like that happen to me all the time. :)
    2. I do not like taking selfies either which is why I never do it.
    3. Yay that is so fantastic! I hope you are loving it!
    4. I am sure it looks great!
    5. It’s so much fun to play!
    6. There’s always a positive side. Well most of the time. Feel better!
    7. I only have some Christmas lights and I decorated the living room with them.
    8. Yay! I am always happy about new bookstores! Cool name!
    9. Salted caramel and chocolate sounds amazing! I would love to try it. You never get salted caramel in Germany.
    10. Reading rocks!

  • Katie

    Congrats on getting a new phone!! It’s pretty exciting, nothing is wrong with that :-) We also just got the new phones yesterday and we’re thrilled haha
    Yes, that ice cream is so good! I’ve been trying a ton of new ice creams lately, yesterday we had egg nog ice cream from trader Joe’s, and today salted caramel from… don’t remember hahah but Ben got it at Whole Foods.

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