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    Book review: ‘Refinery29: Style Stalking’, by Piera Gelardi and Christene Barberich

    (Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. However I was not compensated for writing a review and as always all opinions are my own.)


    Refinery29: Style Stalking, by Piera Gelardi and Christene Barberich (paperback, 192 pages). Two out of five stars.

    This book was kind of a big disappointment for me. It’s definitely aimed at twenty-something young women who really, really love fashion and fashion blogs. While I do like fashion and street style, I don’t get into such high-fashion labels and looks as this book seems to embrace, so a lot of the looks shown just weren’t “me”. If you really enjoy street style blogs like The Sartorialist or Man Repeller, this book might be a great fit for you. If you’ve ever read one of those blogs and scratched your head in confusion at something a blogger was wearing, then…it’s not.

    With that said, if you’re new to dressing or are just in a wardrobe rut, this book does offer a lot of tips for creating your own look: how to re-wear pieces, how to mix prints, etc. Sprinkled throughout you’ll find advice from frequently snapped celebs like Solange Knowles on how to look fashionable and unique.

    Unfortunately I felt like most of what was said, I’d already learned by reading Glamour and Lucky magazine. I also feel like this book is a little dated: obviously any fashion manual is going to appear slightly so, but some of the trends shown in the pages (flatform sandals, anyone?) make me think that future readers will not just be able to date this book’s decade–they’ll be able to pick out the exact year. I prefer a slightly less trendy approach to dressing, so that was just another point that made this book not the best fit for me.

    Overall, like I said: perfect for the crowd that already reads this type of blog religiously. Not such a great fit for everyone else.

  • Thought Questions

    Thought Questions, #211-217

    Forest path

    (photo by Ales Krivec via Unsplash)

    #211: What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Kissing a guy who I was pretty sure viewed me as just a pal. I guess it worked out…we’ll celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary this spring!

    #212: What makes you uncomfortable? Crowds of people/meeting new people.

    #213: If you had to move 3000 miles away, what one thing would you miss the most? My family! But if we’re talking material/non-human things, I would say my American library, since I imagine in another country I might not have ready access to free English-language books! And then what would I do?!

    #214: What worries you about the future? This sounds so dumb and morose, but I worry that I’ll be one of those old ladies who loses her husband really young and then lives on alone for decades. I can’t stand the thought of being without him. He always tells me to stop worrying about the what-ifs and enjoy the now, and I guess he’s right, but it always lingers in the back of my mind. (I know, I’m weird and depressing!)

    #215: What one ‘need’ and one ‘want’ will you strive to achieve in the next twelve months? My ‘need’ will be getting my exercise/diet routine firmly in place. My ‘want’ will be better organizing my blog, including regular posting on social media, more link-ups, etc. I really want to buckle down with blogging and put some serious time into it again after drifting away for the last few months!

    #216: What life lessons did you have to experience firsthand before you fully understood them? Um, so many different ones! I think I’m one of those people who learns by doing, and that includes mistakes. I’m trying to get better at it, though.

    #217: Do you like the city or town you live in?  Why or why not? I guess it’s okay, but there isn’t a lot in the way of arts/culture/entertainment and there aren’t a lot of vegan-friendly restaurants.


  • Thought Questions

    Thought Questions, #204-#210

    Unsplash Levi Saunders

    (photo by Levi Saunders via Unsplash)

    #204: What made you smile this week? Snuggling with my cats.

    #205: What do you do with the majority of your money? Pay bills!

    #206: What motivates you to be your best? My vision of the person I want to be in the future. I don’t want that person to look back and be embarrassed of who she was in the past.

    #207: When was the last time you lost your temper?  About what? I’m embarrassed to admit it was probably over the cat jumping up and scratching me in the face while I was sleeping. I was pretty irked to be woken up and in that fashion to boot, so I was pretty snappy when I got out of bed.

    #208: What will you never give up on? Pushing people to read my favorite books.

    #209: When you look into the past, what do you miss the most? I guess I miss being young enough to not have huge regrets about my life choices. I don’t miss that period of my life, per se–not at all–I just hate that part of being an adult is having those nagging memories that come to mind unbidden and make you unhappy.

    #210: How would you describe the past year of your life in one sentence? A big rollercoaster–I had some really big highs and some really, really low lows. But I’m so happy to have a fresh start for 2015!