Thought Questions

Thought Questions, #204-#210

Unsplash Levi Saunders

(photo by Levi Saunders via Unsplash)

#204: What made you smile this week? Snuggling with my cats.

#205: What do you do with the majority of your money? Pay bills!

#206: What motivates you to be your best? My vision of the person I want to be in the future. I don’t want that person to look back and be embarrassed of who she was in the past.

#207: When was the last time you lost your temper?  About what? I’m embarrassed to admit it was probably over the cat jumping up and scratching me in the face while I was sleeping. I was pretty irked to be woken up and in that fashion to boot, so I was pretty snappy when I got out of bed.

#208: What will you never give up on? Pushing people to read my favorite books.

#209: When you look into the past, what do you miss the most? I guess I miss being young enough to not have huge regrets about my life choices. I don’t miss that period of my life, per se–not at all–I just hate that part of being an adult is having those nagging memories that come to mind unbidden and make you unhappy.

#210: How would you describe the past year of your life in one sentence? A big rollercoaster–I had some really big highs and some really, really low lows. But I’m so happy to have a fresh start for 2015!




    Snuggling with my cats always makes whatever’s wrong in the world seem… well, a little less wrong. I also suffered a cat scratch on the weekend (fortunately not when I was sleeping, though! Horrible!) when we were trying to trim some dreadlocks out of one of our cats’ fur. Oh, the joys of the long-haired kitty!
    I hope this year is a little less roller-coaster-y and a little more good stuff! Happy new year!

  • Cait @ Paper Fury

    I love these. :) I get waken up every morning by my dog putting his face 2cm from my nose, waiting until I wake up, and then licking me all over. -_- It’s cute and affectionate but HEY I’M DROWNING DOWN HERE. heh. But that’s a much nicer way to wake up than begin scratched. :(

    2014 was a bit of a rollercoaster for me too. Here’s to a better 2015, for sure!

    *whispers* Your design. I LIKE.

    • writergirlm

      Aw, puppy kisses are a great way to wake up!

      And thank you! It took me a while to find one I like, especially since I’m such a noob with HTML and can’t customize things too well. But I think this one works :)

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