Thought Questions

Thought Questions, #218-224

Overhead view of bridge wires

(photo by Vita Vilcina via Unsplash)

#218: What’s the best part of being you? My sassiness. I have very few inhibitions and don’t mind speaking my mind…which sometimes gets me in trouble.

#219: When you look back over the past month, what single moment stands out? I’m going to say Christmas morning, getting to have breakfast and open presents by the tree with the husband. We’ve had very little in the way of traditional holidays in our 6-1/2 years together, due to busy schedules and such, so it was kind of a magical Hallmark moment. (I know, such a schmaltzy thing.)

#220: What do you do to relieve stress? Drink tea, read, and snuggle with my cats.

#221: What is your happiest memory? First thing that springs to mind is dancing in the crowd at the Thirty Seconds to Mars concert this September. Totally awesome.

#222: What is your saddest memory? What pops to mind is a baby bunny that died in our yard when I was a kid, even though we tried to save it. It was just too young–it’s eyes weren’t even open I don’t think. I don’t know what happened or why it was abandoned, but we named it Ragamuffin and tried to nurse it along. Poor baby bunny. Still makes me sad today.

#223: What would you like to change? All the animal cruelty in the world.

#224: How many people do you love? I think I can count them on one hand. I don’t tend to form a lot of close relationships with people. I’m too content being a hermit with my books and cats, I guess!



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