Thought Questions

Thought Questions, #225-231

Bridge at dusk

(photo by Ryan Lum via Unsplash)

#225: What’s the best decision you’ve ever made? Adopting my cats, even though it was a lot of work at the time and has been a lot of work on occasion since then.

#226: What’s your favorite true story that you enjoy sharing with others? Maybe the stories of how I caught the cats? I mean, pets are like family members, so it’s like telling everyone about the moment you met your BFF for the first time. It never gets old to you, and you want everyone else to know how happy it made you!

#227: Right now, at this moment, what do you want most? Uninterrupted sleep. Not happening, since I agreed to work an extra shift tonight.

#228: What are you waiting for?  How are you writing your life’s story? I guess I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for “the right moment”, but I’ve realized that if I wait for it it’ll never come. I have to make it happen. So now I’m cutting out the fluff and recommitting myself to writing!

#229: What makes love last? I think that you have to be good friends first, because then you have a real relationship on which to found your romance. Insta-love doesn’t cut it, because you haven’t had time to build honesty, selflessness, and all of the other attributes of a solid friendship. Remember, romance flickers from day to day, but a real friend will always have your back even when times get tough! An insta-romance is too shaky to withstand the ups and downs of life.

#230: What good comes from suffering? I think you learn patience, and also the value of being grateful for the little things.

#231: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year? To say “no” to things I’m not passionate about. Things being worthwhile causes or potential paydays or great fun just isn’t enough if I’m not truly eager to do them. This has also greatly helped with my over-scheduling problem.



  • Frannie Pantz

    #227–I can absolutely attest! I would love nothing more than an uninterrupted night of sleep.
    #229–I totally agree. Patrick and I were friends all through high school, lost touch and then met back up. We’ve been together ever since. You have to be able to laugh and enjoy each other’s company for a lasting love.
    #230–Suffering is such a part of success. It’s taken me 33 years (almost) to learn that. It’s a necessary evil.

    • writergirlm

      I don’t think I know a single adult who *wouldn’t* flip for an uninterrupted night’s sleep! We all seem to be deficit!

  • Katrin

    Adopting pets is always a wonderful idea. Have you shared the story of your cats before? I don’t think I have read it! But of course I would love to!
    And I cannot wait to read your first published novel! You rock!

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