Thought Questions

Just listen: Thought Questions 344-350


Just listen: Thought Questions: 344-350(photo by Lukasz Saczek via Unsplash)

#344: What makes life easier? Caffeine!

#345: What was the last thing you furiously argued about with someone? I don’t know if I can remember having a “furious argument” with anyone recently. I try to avoid those.

#346: What job would you never do no matter how much it paid? Butcher.

#347: What is the number one solution to healing the world? Just listen instead of talking so damn much. People need to just live and let live.

#348: What could society do without? The Kardashians.

#349: What stresses you out? Bad hair days and breakouts.

#350: Now that it’s behind you, what did you do last week that was memorable? Went to breakfast a couple of days with friends, which was nice since I was kind of hermitish all winter!



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