On my mind: spring cleaning (March 2016)

"Wash your spirit clean" (John Muir quote) (spring cleaning)(Original photo by Caleb Wright via  Unsplash)

March is usually the time when I start thinking about spring cleaning. It’s time to whisk away the dust bunnies, repot house plants, and generally freshen up the whole house. This spring I’m trying to get past the physical side of spring cleaning and do a little mental and emotional spring cleaning, too.

I got really bogged down this winter with negative thoughts and useless habits. The start of spring, full of light and fresh air, seems like a perfect time to make a change! I’ve found that my spirit is happiest when I’m giving plenty of time to creating art and reading books and taking time out to visit nature, rather than cooping myself up with technology and too much “busywork”. I read somewhere that we take way too much pride in being “busy” and not in taking care of ourselves, and I’m guilty of it. I tend to put everyone and everything else first and not take time out for what my soul needs the most.

So for spring, I’m cleaning all that away and and making a to-do list that includes lots of time in the garden, lots of time to read, and lots of naps with the cats. I think my body and spirit alike will be happier for it.

What’s on your “spring cleaning” list?


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