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Top Ten Tuesday: ten reasons I still love paper books more than e-readers

Top Ten Tuesday: ten reasons I still love paper books more than e-readersI own two e-readers and download new books to my Kindle every month, but I still prefer paper books. (In particular,  I love paperbacks—I don’t know why, but if I have a choice between buying a hardback or a paperback, the paperback wins every time.) This sounds weird, but there’s something about the way a paperback feels when you hold it that is so much more personal than holding a Kindle. The cover curls back, the spine cracks, the corners get all worn and nubby from being tucked in a backpack…you just don’t get that same sense of a well-loved book from a screen.

That isn’t the only reason I still prefer paper books to e-readers. One of my biggest joys as a rabid reader is passing on favorite books to my friends. You can’t leave an e-book in a coworker’s locker or exchange it at the Little Free Library for another reader to enjoy. You don’t get that same sense of a book that’s been passed through multiple hands and enjoyed by multiple readers.

Other reasons I prefer paper books:

  • you don’t have to worry about the battery dying right at the good part
  • they’re easier to read outside in the sun (no cranking up the screen brightness!)
  • they’re often cheaper ($1 at Goodwill)
  • you can fall asleep reading without worrying about dropping them and cracking them
  • they smell good
  • the words just look better on paper than on a screen (at least I think so)
  • you can gift-wrap them
  • a full bookshelf doubles as home decor

What about you, readers? Do you prefer paper books or e-books? I will admit that when I travel, it’s nice to bring a whole “shelf” with me in one slim package…but especially at home, my heart will always belong to paper books! If you linked up for Top Ten Tuesday this week leave me a link so I can check out your post!


  • chelsea w

    I do love paperbacks better than a hardcover, if I had to choose. BUT…my favorite choice overall is a Kindle. Mainly it comes down to health issues for me. It’s lighter in my hands so it’s better for my wrists, I can enlarge the text when I have a headache, and my Kindle Touch doesn’t seem to glare in the sun so it’s great to take outside knowing it won’t give me a migraine! I still have a huge pile of “real” books TBR, but I can’t let go of my Kindle.

  • Kate @ Parchment Girl

    I am a paper book girl myself. And it’s so true about them being cheaper! People always say that ebooks are cheaper, but you can’t buy an ebook at a used book sale for a buck. Plus, my office would basically be empty without my bookshelves.

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