Music Monday: No Good

My new work jam…

I know I’ve been AWOL for a while…I meant to put up some scheduled posts back in June before I went on vacay, and then I didn’t get it done. Then I came back and meant to post, but it’s been a tumbled couple of weeks: I’ve been sick, two of the cats were sick and one went missing, and I’ve been working extra hours. So somehow or another, blogging has falled to the bottom of my priority list every day. But I do have some posts lined up and I’m going to try to get back in a habit of blogging at least twice a week!


  • Larry

    I’ve been really enjoying these guys! Their A/B album is great from start to finish, with Way Down We Go being one of my new favorite songs. Even when I can’t understand the language I’m enjoying them. Btw, the couple of episodes of Vinyl I’ve seen were really good too

    • Martha

      Yeah I won’t even pretend to understand Icelandic…but I love their music! I will have to check out Vinyl, I saw an ad for it and it looked pretty interesting.

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