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Top Ten Tuesday: Character names I’ve used (or would use) for my cats

Top Ten Tuesday: character names I would use for my catsI love good stories. I love cats. If I can combine the two then I am one happy girl! This week for TTT we’re talking character names that we would use for a child or pet, so I am rounding up my fave character names that I have used or would use for my kitties:

Merry and Pippin—I mean, who didn’t love these two hobbits? And The Lord of the Rings continues to be one of my fave stories ever, so obviously I’ll have to pull some kitty names from it at some point. If I ever get kitty siblings I’d love to call them Merry and Pippin.

Guenhwyvar—the magical panther who accompanies Drizzt Do’Urden in the Forgotten Realms books. I always said that if I got a female black cat I would use this name and now I have. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen her pop up from time (but let me tell ya, black cats are hard to photograph, and even more so when they’re shy!).

Book character names I've used for my cats: Guenhwyvar

Artemis Entreri—another FG character, this one was an assassin who was kind of a good guy at times. I haven’t used it yet but I will. I’d like to give this name to a black boy cat.

Sherlock Holmes—can’t you see a super-grouchy fluffy cat with this name?

Jaqen H’ghar—I’m reserving this one in case I ever get an orange and white cat. I suppose my Skittles comes close since she has the split coloring on her face and that fits perfectly with the Two-Faced Man but I couldn’t bear to change her name. She is my other super-fluffy girl.

Captain Jack Sparrow—the fluffiest of fluffies! She got this name because a) I found her while jogging to some music by Bring Me the Horizon, so fate; and b) she had bad mats in her fur from neglect, so she looked like she had black dreadlocks. I know this doesn’t really count as a bookish name, but I had to include it.

Book character names I've used for my cats: Captain Jack Sparrow

Daryl Dixon—if I ever get another cat who’s absolutely wild he or she will be Dixon after everyone’s favorite zombie slayer. If it’s a girl I could just call her Dixie for short.

HobbesCalvin and Hobbes was one of my favorite comic strips growing up, and still is. I used this name for the shy, slightly grumpy orange cat that comes by my porch each day for food. S/he is feral and won’t accept pets but is slowly getting more used to me. (I’m not sure if it’s a girl or a boy but I call it “Mr. Hobbes” all the same.)

Al Sa-Her (The Magician)-–if you watch Arrow on TV or read the DC comic books, you know this is Malcolm Merlyn’s name as a member of the League of Assassins. A little black and white cat showed up on my doorstep and charmed even Hobbes into accepting her, so “The Magician” seems to fit. And I do think a black and white cat needs a regal name, don’t you? (BTW, that ghost cat in the background is the neighbor’s, “Sweetie”–but I call her Mouse!)

Book character names I've used for my cats: Hobbes and Al Sa-Her

Those are the best ones I can think of for now! So what character names would you use (or have used) for your kids and pets? Do you think it’s a silly idea or not? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  • mary

    Between you and Matt with his “boys” named Thor and Loki, I think cats are the “magical” creatures in our family!! Freyja, named after the goddess of fertility, still fits in even though she is the only dog!!! What a fun (and very loved!!) menagerie! :)


    We’ve never used a literary name for any of our cats but we have had a couple of ‘different’ names: there were the long-haired British Blue sisters called Sufi & Peri as one was a whirling dervish and the other a bit of a pixie and my favourite cat, a Siamese called Metoo, so called because everything that the older cat Sesame (yes, he opened doors!) did, he tried to do as well. It reminded Mum of a lad in her class who used to put his hand up and call out “and me too!” whenever she asked a question!
    BTW, our latest rescue, a black male is still without a name almost a year later. We just can’t seem to agree on a name that fits his personality, so all suggestions gratefully received!

    • Martha

      Aw, it sounds like you’ve had such great names for all your kitties over the years!! Hmmm, black cats are tough to name, IMO…what’s his personality like?


    Well, because Mum’s been in & out of hospital lately we haven’t been around much during the day and he’s got used to being outside. We live in the countryside so there’s lots to keep him occupied. He has a habit of bringing presents of rabbits and birds home but usually they’re fine & I’m able to release them unharmed. He always comes home at lunchtime, teatime & bedtime so he doesn’t go hungry! A bit like having a teenage boy in the house!

    • Martha

      Aw, I’m sorry to hear that about your mum! I hope she’ll be home to stay soon!

      Sounds like your kitty is making a good life for himself though! For some reason I keep thinking he could be a Henry…I’ve read so many books with characters named Henry who are independent but also affectionate and a little boyish at heart!


    I did think of Henry but I’ve a nephew with the same name & they’re not a bit alike! Ah well, as long as he’s a happy kitty that’s all that matters :)


    My little sis used to be a big BMTH fan, so I used to take her to concerts all the time and then we’d wait to meet the band after. I always wished my parents had let me do stuff like that, so I made sure I did with her!

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