Month: November 2017

Currently loving: Beverly to 5th coffee scrub from Good Cubed

(Disclosure: this post was created in collaboration with Good Cubed.)

We’ve gotten past the halfway mark of this week and I am so excited! Do you guys have any big pre-Thanksgiving plans? I’m going to be shopping for meal ingredients so I can put together a veg-friendly feast.

In the meantime, I’ve had the chance to check out a new website that I wanted to share with you guys! Good Cubed was founded with the goal of taking clean, luxurious, animal-friendly beauty out of the niche market and into the mainstream. The site features a range of high-end beauty brands like Ecco Bella, Kaia Naturals, and Vapour Organic Beauty.

Good Cubed logo

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Le Tote, round one (review)

(Disclosure: post contains affiliate links.)

Can you guys believe it’s November already?! Because I sure can’t! I feel like fall just started and we’re already segueing into winter.

This month I decided to try out something new and fun: a month of clothing rentals from Le Tote. For the unfamiliar, Le Tote is a monthly fashion subscription box that lets you borrow or buy new styles, without the full retail price. The company was started as an answer to busy working women who bought lots of new clothes every month for events, but only wore them once or twice. Subscribers can “rent” hundreds of dollars worth of clothes and accessories each month for a low fee, giving them a revolving closet without the hefty price tag.

Le Tote

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