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    How I scored a $400+ Ulta haul for $0.34

    Today I’m finally going over the details of my massive January Ulta haul! I posted about this on my Instagram stories but it just took me a while to put down all the details of what I bought, how much it cost vs. what I paid, and how I regularly bring home these giant boxes of beauty goodies for a fraction of their retail value. (This is not sponsored by Ulta, BTW, I’m just spilling the beans because I love shopping there so much!)

    Okay, so for photo reference, here’s everything I got. The value of this Ulta haul: $400+. The grand total I paid? thirty-four cents. If you’re thinking, “THERE’S NO WAY”, read on, and I’ll show you how I did it.

    Ulta Haul January 2019

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    ‘All Happy Families’, by Jeanne Mcculloch

    All Happy Families, by Jeanne MccullochThey say money can’t buy happiness, and All Happy Families confirms that. I think this is a book that you’ll either love or hate, depending on your penchant for messed-up rich people stories. If you like memoirs that give you a peek at the dysfunction behind the gilded doors, then it’s a pretty interesting tale, albeit a sad one. But I will warn you that if you find those stories irritating, then you’ll probably want to skip this one.

    The story starts at the author’s wedding, but it’s really about the larger history of her family, and her fiance’s family. I think we’re all guilty of looking at other people’s families and assuming they must be happier due to some circumstances: money, how good a couple they make in public, etc. All Happy Families picks apart that notion and indeed, most of our notions about love, loyalty, tradition, and loss.

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    #30before30: learn to cook for yourself already!

    Learn to cook for yourself already!
    (photo by Maarten van den Heuvel via Unsplash)

    This week I’m talking about a #30before30 topic that I actually tackled pretty successfully in my twenties: learning to cook for yo’ damn self! Here’s the thing: cooking at home isn’t just healthier than eating out, it saves you a ton of money. (Essential if you’re trying to save toward a goal like buying a home.) It’s also a fun activity to share with a friend or a partner. Finally, it’s a way to get creative and break out of a rut at home—especially during the bleak winter months, when you’re on your 857th hour of Netflix and are dying for something new to do!

    If your experience with home cooking mostly involves boiling water for boxed mac n cheese, then learning to cook recipes from scratch can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some of my fave tips and resources for finally learning how to cook for yourself at home.