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Four Nordic crime picks for this cold season

The weather in the PNW continues to be cold and snowy, which is the perfect excuse to curl up in front of the fireplace with a Nordic crime thriller and some hot tea! I talk a lot about the Nordic crime books that I love, but today I wanted to share four Nordic crime suggestions that are not books!

If you like darkly comic thrillers, I recommend In Order Of Disappearance. The 2014 Norwegian film stars Stellan Skarsgard as a snowplow driver who learns his son has been murdered by drug dealers, and begins picking them off one by one. (If it sounds familiar, it’s because Liam Neeson just remade the movie as Cold Pursuit.)

My current TV fave is the Finnish crime drama Deadwind (2018, Netflix). Two mismatched detectives struggle to solve the murder of a woman found buried at a construction site. Every new clue they find only leads to more questions.

A slightly older, but just as good pick, is the Nordic crime thriller Borderliner (2016, Netflix). A detective on leave thinks he’ll find some peace in his brother’s quite hometown–but soon finds himself at the center of a murder investigation.

If you’re looking for some Nordic crime to take on the go, I recommend the 2018 podcast Death in Ice Valley, from the BBC World Service and NRK. Visit the website here or find it on Spotify below. This fifty-year-old cold case about a Jane Doe found in Norway under mysterious circumstances sounds like something straight out of the pages of a fiction bestseller.

So there are four Nordic crime picks to keep you cozy during this chilly season! Do you have any Nordic crime TV shows, movies, books or podcasts to recommend? Or really, any true crime (I love docuseries) that you think I’d enjoy?

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