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How do you maintain momentum?

How do you maintain your momentum?

How do you maintain momentum?

Sometimes I think it’s easy to START the week strong because we’re fresh out of a #selfcaresunday full of rest and positive vibes. But what about the second half of the week? If you’re starting to get tired, or you had a major struggle midweek, how do you push through and finish strong?

I heard something yesterday that really resonated with me. Often when you’re partway through something and you start to slip, it’s tempting to full stop and start over at the beginning. But instead of throwing away your progress so far, you need to fix whatever your issue is and move forward.

I think that’s super applicable to getting through the week. If Wednesday sucked, or you wake up tired on Thursday, don’t let that be your excuse to phone it in the rest of this week and start over on Monday. Fix whatever is causing the issue and move forward to finish strong!!

For me this means taking a few minutes at the start of my day to get my mindset right. I like to journal and do a little development reading. This helps me maintain my positivity and drive, which in turn fuels good vibes and good choices all day long…like crushing my workout even though I really wanted to skip it!

So, I want to know: how do you maintain your momentum on a Thursday? If hump day was rough, how do you reset your mind to get back on track today? And if it’s been smooth sailing so far, how do you avoid dropping into a lower gear just because we’re approaching the weekend?

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