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    Keeping quiet in Wallace, Idaho

    Back in November 2019 I went looking for the center of the universe in Wallace, Idaho. Afterward I ended up walking around town, killing time while I waited for one of the local digs to open up for “dinner time” so I could grab a burger before driving home.

    I snapped this picture of an empty alley somewhere downtown. Small old towns fascinate me; there’s a lot of forgotten history there, overlooked by merit of being off the beaten path. Even the ones that were at one time boom towns are now largely deserted.

    I wonder about the people who lived there in another era.

    I wonder what hopes or fears they had for the future, and what they imagined their hometown would look like decades later. Would they be surprised? Disappointed? Resigned?

    Wallace was once a bustling mining town but like so many other small towns of the west, it’s slowly shrunk as that industry dried up and people began to move elsewhere. Historical buildings, some restored and some crumbling, now house a mix of small businesses and tourist attractions. In the off-season and after dusk, the town is mostly deserted. The shops have closed and the few residents have drifted home, leaving just the ghosts to wander the streets and remember what was, now gently fading with the daylight.

    Keeping quiet in Wallace Idaho