Music Monday: Rockin’ in the Free World

Hey hey, my my…I didn’t mean to be away for so long! A lot has happened in the past several months but the TL;DR is that my laptop is finally fixed and I’m ready to start blogging again. I’m finishing up a lot of background stuff right now (cleaning up old posts, fixing broken links, etc.) But I’m planning to get back to publishing regular content soon. For now, please enjoy one of my fave songs, from one of my dad’s favorite artists. It seems like a really fitting choice for the current state of the world.

Also, you can now follow the Music Monday playlist on Spotify! Currently it has almost 200 songs and thirteen hours of music, and I’ll add new tracks weekly. So if you like the songs I post here each Monday and want an easy way to keep track of your faves, hit the link to follow and share!

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