Music Monday: Walk Idiot Walk

Music Monday: The Hives, 'Walk Idiot Walk'
(Photo of The Hives via Oskar Annermarken / CC BY-SA 2.0)


In these crazy times, one of my small (but favorite) comforts is digging through the music I loved when I was younger. There are some real gems in there I’d almost forgotten about. I don’t know if this cheers me up because it reminds me of simpler times, or if it’s just because these songs are legit bangers, or both. But in any case, it helps me feel less bleak about the current state of affairs here in the US!



In this case, I remember blasting ‘Walk Idiot Walk’ in my early twenties while driving through the desert in an Oldsmobile with no air conditioning to visit my parents. That probably doesn’t sound like a fun time, but those trips were some of the best memories I have of that period of my life. I had very low confidence and a lot of toxicity in my life, and those solo road trips did wonders for my sense of independence. And when you’re the only one in the car, you can crank that music up as loud as you damn please!

Okay, question time. What’s a song that takes you back to a good memory from when you were younger?

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