Music Monday: Blinding Lights

The Weeknd
(photo of The Weeknd from Salandco / CC BY-SA 4.0)


Today kicks off the start of Black History Month, so I’ll be sharing exclusively black musicians throughout February. The Weeknd is obviously mega-popular but I’m hoping to also share some artists that aren’t as well-known via mainstream radio.

I’m really excited to see The Weeknd perform at the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday! The last time we sat down to watch the Super Bowl we were still in pre-pandemic times. Now this halftime show is the closest thing most of us will have to “live” music. But I’m not complaining about watching the show from my couch–the drinks are cheaper and there’s a lot more elbow room! The Weeknd is insanely talented and he’s promised a “cinematic” experience for fans, so I’m psyched to see what kind of show he’ll give us!



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