Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: my greatest weakness

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge--my greatest weakness

I found this weekly blogging challenge online and thought it would be fun to join in throughout the year, in order to get on a more consistent blogging schedule! The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge is a blog hop hosted by Long and Short Reviews and you can find all of the prompts for the hop here.

This week’s topic is ‘my greatest weakness’, which for some reason gave me pause. You’d think it would be such an easy question, right?! But honestly, I don’t know how to answer it right now. None of the usual vices fit. I’ve mostly quit drinking alcohol during the past six months. My diet has changed a lot too, as I’ve had to get stricter with myself due to food intolerances. I can no longer eat all the sugar or pasta that I want. And since I took a massive pay cut this winter I had to cut off all my excess spending.

So, what then? It’s a little intangible and hard to sum up, but I guess my greatest weakness currently is “coziness”. It’s kind of always been that way but the pandemic has intensified it. Basically I mean super soft blankets, cute pajamas, scented candles, fun snacks…anything you would want in a grown-up blanket fort! The more cuddly and comfy the better.

Also, if I have a choice between a non-cozy thing like going shopping, or to dinner (remember restaurants?!), or really anything that involves leaving the house; or a cozy activity like snuggling up under a fluffy blanket with a book, or soaking in a hot bath, or making a charcuterie board and lying in bed watching Netflix for hours–it’s almost impossible to pry me out of my cocoon.

I know a big part of that is the fact that it’s still winter here in the PNW, but even in the summertime, in the good ol’ pre-pandemic days of mingling in crowds, I always preferred to do comfortable homebody stuff to anything else. The older I get the more I value sweatpants, simple food, and casual activities at home with my loved ones. It’s all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of coziness!

What’s your greatest weakness? Has it changed since the pandemic started a year ago?


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