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WWBC: best non-book gifts for readers

Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge--best non-book gifts for readers

*cracks knuckles* As a reader myself, and someone whose close friends are readers, I feel like I’ve become a bit of an expert on non-book gifts for bookworms. Don’t forget to link up and visit the other bloggers who are participating this week via Long and Short Reviews!

I talked last week about how much I’m addicted to cozy stuff. I think all bookworms can agree that one of the best non-book gifts is one that helps you be extra-comfy while curled up with a new book! Slipper socks, candles, tea, etc. This is especially great if your bookworm lives somewhere cold and blustery and plans to be shut up inside reading to pass the time.

I don’t know a single bookworm who would tell you they have too many bookmarks, or journals for filling with their favorite bookish quotes and reviews.

Decor and apparel inspired by a bookworm’s favorite book is always a good bet, especially if they’re part of a diehard fandom!

And let’s not forget about food! There’s nothing worse than having to set aside a five-star read to cook a meal. A basket of snacks and sweets will sustain your bookworm while they stay up past their bedtime to read “just one more chapter”.

What are your favorite non-book gifts to give (or get)?


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