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    Color your hair, save the rainforest during the #PurpleForThePlanet campaign

    Color your hair, save the rainforest during the #PurpleForThePlanet campaign
    (photo by Christopher Alvarenga via Unsplash)

    If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know I’ve been slowly trying to green up my life. From buying less toxic products to finding new ways to reduce my trash output, I know that small changes add up to a big impact on the earth.

    As part of the month-long emphasis on Earth Day, I was excited to share some details about oVertone and their #PurpleForThePlanet campaign! First, a little about the company. oVertone is a hair color company with a twist: they offer vegan coloring conditioners that let you get wild colors in a way that’s healthier for your hair and for nature. No more extreme bleaching or faded color—just soft, shiny color, from pastels to vibrant hues. And no more animal testing or harsh chemicals! (Which are just as terrible for the planet as they are for you!)

    For Earth Day (April 22), oVertone is kicking it up a notch by partnering with Sambazon and the Rainforest Trust to save a piece of the Amazon rainforest. Here’s how it works: for each purple hair selfie posted and tagged #purplefortheplanet, Sambazon will purchase five acres of Amazon rainforest to be protected through the Rainforest Trust. Last year’s campaign protected 126,270 acres. That’s a lot of selfies!

    The campaign runs from April 22nd (Earth Day) through May 22nd (World Biodiversity Day). And all you have to do to participate is color your hair purple and upload a selfie! I know you guys are uploading selfies anyway, so you’re halfway there already!

    Since we’re talking about Earth Day and beauty products, I also wanted to highlight a few of the ways you can green up your beauty routine to be a little kinder to the planet. Obviously, my favorite way to start is by switching to products that eliminate animal testing and harsh chemicals. Brands like oVertone give you options for getting your beauty fix minus all the negativity! But there are a few other smaller ways you can make your beauty routine more earth-friendly, too:

    • Recycle your packaging—cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, etc. Don’t just throw it in the bathroom trash bin!
    • Find ways to recycle what’s not accepted curbside in your town. Some beauty companies offer recycling programs for their packaging. And if you have old mascara wands, you can send them to Wands for Wildlife, where they’re used to clean up baby animals!
    • If you shop online, try to place larger orders at a time so you get more items per box. There’s nothing I hate more than ordering an item and getting it in a giant box full of wasted packing material.
    • Find ways to repurpose what you buy and don’t love, versus tossing it. Some items pull double duty—you can reuse a hair conditioner as shaving cream or mix bronzer into too-light foundation. Just-opened items like perfume could be passed on to a friend.

    What are you favorite ways to green up your beauty routine? How are you celebrating Earth Day? If you’re rocking purple hair, let me know—I’d love to see a pic!