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    Go where you feel most alive

    Go where you feel most alive: finding work-life freedom

    Since it’s #selfcaresunday I thought I’d chat about something that’s been on my heart for awhile now. One of the biggest acts of self-care you can commit is to take a hard look at your life and make bold changes as needed. It’s not always as fun or Instagrammable as bubble baths and wine; sometimes it’s hard or even scary. But if you don’t chase what sets you on fire, you’ll never really live.

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    #30before30: be bold enough to find a new job

    #30before30: be bold enough to find a new job

    I just had my year-end review at my job, and it’s had me thinking a lot about what a wild ride my work life has been over the past couple of years. I left a job I’d had for years for a new role in the same company; gave it six months; absolutely hated it; stepped down to a different role; then three weeks later quit altogether for a new company!

    I went from a role, schedule and company I’d known for nearly a decade, to a completely new schedule, doing a new type of work, at a new company. To say it was a major change is an understatement!

    It sounds like I made some fast moves there, but I really didn’t. I had applied for several jobs in February and March 2018. I just didn’t actually get to put in my notice until nearly mid-April. I’d actually been job-hunting off and on for years. I was fed up with lots of things about the culture at my job and didn’t feel I was being paid enough, but I stayed on, year after year.

    Why? Basically, change terrified me. There was a constant list of what ifs that ran through my head: what if I dislike the work? What if the schedule sucks? What if my boss is a jerk? And before all that, there’s the most frightening of prospects, the dreaded job interview.

    They say you can’t make a move until the discomfort of sticking with something outweighs the discomfort of the change, and that was so true for me. I was unhappy at my job for years before I left. Now I wish I’d made the switch sooner! If I could tell my younger self something about switching jobs, I would say that it doesn’t have to be scary, as long as you follow these tips.