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    “Company is Coming”

    “There cannot be any sign of living in this house! I don’t care if we have to throw everything out!”

    One of my friends sent me this and I can’t stop laughing at it, so I had to share. (Even though I think he’s implying something about my attitude toward keeping the house clean…)

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    Random Thursday: My favorite swear word is…

    This week’s topic is sure to tickle your ears. I admit it, I have a terrible potty mouth. I think it sounds uncouth and unladylike, and I really have to try to keep my lips buttoned up at work to avoid getting in trouble. (And, you know, setting a good example and all that jazz. Harrumph.)

    The word that probably comes out of my mouth the most is “Scheiße”. Hey, if I have to be discreet, why not swear in German? Besides, it just rolls off the tongue in such a satisfying way. Otherwise, I’m kind of limited to exclaiming, “Son of a Triscuit!” when things don’t go well, and that just doesn’t have the same “zing” factor.

    Since my mom reads this blog (hi mom!) I’ll keep the zipper shut on some of my nastier epithets. In closing I’ll just admit that I also drop the F-bomb way more than is socially acceptable. Like, way, way effing more.

    What are your favorite swear words? If you’re not too shy to admit them, link up with Em, Lin and Katrin for this week’s topic and dish on your most unpardonable language!

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    Random Thursday: 5 fun facts about me…


    1. I fall asleep the easiest if the dryer, a lawn mower, or the dishwasher is running. When I was growing up we lived in a small house so you could hear the dryer all over the house, so now when I hear the dryer it’s a very comforting sound and makes me want to take a nap! The dishwasher sounds similar-ish, I suppose. And lawn mowers have a similar hum, plus the smell of cut grass is awesome!

    2. I get on these kicks of eating the same food every day for a couple of weeks, like teriyaki noodles or oatmeal with raisins. Then I won’t eat it at all for a long time.

    3. I actually used to not be a “cat person”, I was strictly a “dog person”. I didn’t like the idea of having a litter box or an animal in the house that would be climbing onto everything I owned. Then I wound up with a rescue cat and it all sort of went downhill from there, and now I prefer cats to dogs. They don’t need as much supervision since they sleep so much, they don’t slobber, they eat less, they’re easier to keep clean, and they don’t take up as much space.

    4. As much as I love fictional stories about time travel, I would never want to do it in real life. I think the prior eras are highly romanticized in film and books and it would be much harder getting around back then, especially with no medicine, electricity, easy access to food and water, etc. Plus, think about how they treated women who didn’t know their “place”–I’d be burned at the stake as a witch in such a hurry.

    5. I love buying gifts for other people…so much so, that I kind of have to watch my budget. It’s easy enough for me to put something back on the shelf if it’s a frivolous purchase for myself, but I’m constantly spotting things and thinking, “Ooh, I need to get that for so and so, she’d love it!” And then I’ll make up a ridiculous excuse to justify spending money on a present for no reason. I’m getting better about not doing this because I realized I was using up all of the good gifts ideas and then getting to birthdays and other holidays with no idea of what to wrap up for people. So now I buy things and store them in a box in the closet until an appropriate occasion comes up!

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    Random Thursday: My Hidden Talents…

    I don’t really have any special party tricks or cool things I can do to impress people. My hidden talents mostly just involve my brain working way too quickly for its own good (with the notable exception of #5).
    #1. I can read upside down. If you’re sitting across from me at a table with a magazine laid flat between us, printing facing you, I would bet a cupcake that I can read the article just as fast (if not faster) upside down than you will read it right-side up.
    #2. Did I mention I’m also a bit of a speed reader? If you give me a 1,000 page novel and eight or nine hours unattended I can usually finish the whole thing in one sitting. And have. And have then realized it was waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime.
    #3. I can sleep sitting up. Is that a talent? My hubby seems to think it is. I think it’s a side effect of working night shifts for too many years.
    #4. He also thinks I have a hidden talent for finding things via search engine. I call this “knowing how to use a search engine”, but we won’t go into that right now. It’s nice to be needed, right?
    #5. I like working the New York Times crossword puzzle and am getting better at working out the riddle that is usually hidden in the puzzle title. I’d like to think I’m also building a good vocabulary via these puzzles. I think I’m fairly good at word-based puzzles, though picture or math-based puzzles still elude me.
    #6. I think I do a decent job of mimicking accents.
    #7. Here’s one I’m unsure of: is being able to do basic math in your head a talent? Anything that involves guesstimating a quantity, or doing addition, multiplication, etc. Example: I can look at a pallet of freight totes and guess that based on a stacking layout of six totes per layer X three layers = eighteen totes X twenty minutes to work each tote = 360 minutes = six hours worth of work. I don’t really have to think it through. Or if your bill came to $27.36 and you handed me $30 I could tell you without pausing that your change was $2.64. I’m not sure if this is a talent but it seems to impress the people I work with, which means I’m either speedy in the brain or they are…never mind.
    So what are your hidden talents? Anything cool you can do? Tell me in the comments!
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    Random Thursday: Last 5 Frivolous Purchases

    1. I count most of my nail polish purchases as wholly frivolous, since in all honesty I probably have more than enough to suit me at this point and don’t need any more. But I couldn’t resist grabbing some matte neon highlighter yellow polish from Zoya when they had their big New Year’s sale. How often will I actually wear it? Rarely. But it was calling my name!
    2. Coffee and danishes at Starbucks. Totally not a necessity, but sometimes it’s fun to grab a treat and just sit awhile at the coffee shop. And of course, there’s lots of people watching to be had!
    3. A pair of lime green skinny jeans. But they were on clearance, for $9! How do you pass that up?! I’ll try to do a styling post with them very soon.
    4. A carob bar. Carob is similar to chocolate, though not as sweet. This bar also had acai berries in it. I do count chocolate as a necessity most days, but I try not to eat too much of it. However, I hadn’t had carob in years and was really eager to try some and see if it was as good as I remembered. (It was!)
    5. A jaguar bracelet from Forever 21. I didn’t particularly need a new piece of jewelry, and $13 is more than I would typically pay for a jewelry item from that store. But this one–I snitched a picture from the website down below–was too different from most of the other pieces on the table, so I snatched it up. I see now that it isn’t available any longer online, but there are some other interesting jaguar rings available. I think the green eye detail on my bracelet really makes it stand out, though.