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    Music Monday: Wolf Like Me

    I really thought I would have posted this one a long time ago, because it’s one of my fave workout tunes (or anytime tunes, really). But apparently I haven’t!

    Unfortunately this song will always make me think of Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries (not one of my fave characters!). But I still love it. I’d just prefer to think of it with a different werewolf character…any suggestions?



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    Music Monday: Blinding Lights

    The Weeknd
    (photo of The Weeknd from Salandco / CC BY-SA 4.0)


    Today kicks off the start of Black History Month, so I’ll be sharing exclusively black musicians throughout February. The Weeknd is obviously mega-popular but I’m hoping to also share some artists that aren’t as well-known via mainstream radio.

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    Music Monday: Devil Like Me


    A pretty low-key pick for Music Monday this week…Rainbow Kitten Surprise is a new-to-me band that’s apparently been around for quite some time. I’ve had ‘Devil Like Me’ stuck in my head for a week now and I’m not even mad.

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    Music Monday: Walk Idiot Walk

    Music Monday: The Hives, 'Walk Idiot Walk'
    (Photo of The Hives via Oskar Annermarken / CC BY-SA 2.0)


    In these crazy times, one of my small (but favorite) comforts is digging through the music I loved when I was younger. There are some real gems in there I’d almost forgotten about. I don’t know if this cheers me up because it reminds me of simpler times, or if it’s just because these songs are legit bangers, or both. But in any case, it helps me feel less bleak about the current state of affairs here in the US!