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    Hey, It’s Okay (on Wednesday again…)

    Whee! Amber has a blog button now! This week I think it’s okay…

    …to want dinner but not want to cook it. I just want to snap my fingers and have it appear.

    …to consider hot beverages to be their own food group.

    …to feel that bathing two cats counts as my daily workout.

    …to enjoy the warmer temps but not the melting snow. Boo hiss.

    What are you okay with this week?

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    Hey, It’s Okay…on a Wednesday

    I’m linking up (albeit belatedly) with Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundey for Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday! Except that this week, it’s more like Hey, It’s Okay To Be Late And Posting On A Wednesday. Just the first of several things I’m okay with this week, including but certainly not limited to…

    …drinking too much coffee this weekend. It’s cold out!

    …gluing myself to the window like a plant to soak up some of this glorious sunshine. It’s freezing here, but I’m loving the sun–I can’t stand the gloom!

    …being anti-social, because being social would require going outside, and it’s too cold for that nonsense.

    …lying awake steaming because I feel that one movie is a rip-off of another. We just watched Moon on DVD and about fifteen minutes in, I started to get the uneasy feeling that I’d seen it before. You know why? Because the blockbuster Oblivion, which I saw and LOVED last spring, did a fine job of lifting the script. I’m pissed. It’s not a carbon copy and both movies are awesome in their own ways, but the plot twists were just so close that I feel really cheated for having liked Oblivion so much. Make sense? (I will give credit where credit is due and say that Oblivion had a better “What the bleep” reveal moment. Watch them both if you have time.)

    What are you okay with this week?

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    Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday: Biebs, karma, and cold weather

    I’m linking up again with Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry for Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday! This week, it’s okay…

    …to not be one bit shocked that Justin Bieber is in the slammer.

    …to secretly hope he’ll be deported. That’s possible, right?

    …to think that woman who blogged about how much she hates mothers has no soul.

    …and also to hope her own mother disowns her. Karma’s a beeyotch.

    …to sit under an electric blanket so you can enjoy ice cream without freezing.

    …to want snow but not want to shovel it.

    …also, to want snow but not want it to be so damn cold.

    What are you okay with this week?

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    Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday

    Today I’m linking up with Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry for Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday! This week I say, it’s okay…

    …to only care about awards shows for the clothes on the stars.

    …to be ready for spring while also thinking it’s just a little bit early for stores to start stocking Easter candy. It’s not even February, people!

    …to say you’re cutting back on coffee for the New Year, and then replace it with tea.

    …to count moving furniture for spring cleaning as “exercise”.

    What are you okay with this week?

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    Random Thursday: My Summer Plans

    Well, my biggest summer “plan” already happened–my big birthday weekend with my mom, complete with plenty of shopping and other fun stuff. So hopefully I’ll have a post put together this weekend with plenty of pictures and stories for you guys about that.

    As far as the rest of the summer goes, I’m afraid it isn’t terribly exciting. I want to do some hiking; we live in a gorgeous area and it’d be a shame not to get out and enjoy it. It’d be nice to spend the day at one of the state parks and stay after sunset to see the stars come out at night; you can’t see them in town because of all the light pollution.

    I also hope to spend some time just lounging on a blanket in the grass in the shade, sipping something cool and reading. That’s the best way to spend a lazy summer day!

    I need to do some more painting. I really had fun making the cherry blossom print that’s hanging above my bed and now I need to do some other pieces for the rest of the house.

    Hopefully I will find a bit more time to work on my German. We kind of fizzled on that right away because spring was so busy, but I hope we can get back on track with that this month.

    I also have some serious summer movie watching to do. I still haven’t seen Man of Steel, World War Z or The Great Gatsby. We did finally go to see Star Trek Into Darkness last night and it was awesome.

    I really want to get in the habit of working out. I know I keep saying this over and over, but now that I’ve finally got my diet on track (specifically the sugar cravings) I feel like I’m ready to tackle regular workouts. And I finally put all of my torn-out magazine articles with different circuits in a handy three-ring binder, so now I have some mini workouts to try if I don’t have time for a full exercise DVD. 
    So tell me–what are your summer plans? (P.S. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a copy of Holley Maher’s new EP ‘Euphorics’–it ends Monday!)